Monday, October 23, 2006

rhinebeck 2006

it was a perfect day for rhinebecking :) i actually ran into a few people on my bingo card and had planned to catch them all at cara's 1PM blogger meetup, but when i finally asked about the time, i was told it was 2:30!!! oh well, it looked like everyone was having fun times.

i was very glad to meet my internet buddy, lynn and her family, also known as the yarnwench. what a sweetie!!! and i also picked up a few goodies, including some beautifully dyed mohair locks. on to more good times...hope you're all having great days!

Friday, October 20, 2006

rhinebeck bingo help

i'm posting a photo so you can i.d. me at rhinebeck if i'm on your bingo card. i'll be with peter . i've tried to check out everybody's blog who is on my card. nice to read about other lives + discover new people!
i'll be there on saturday, probably fondling fibers, just like you :) hope you say hi if we meet up!

new camera/old camera pix

spammer creeps

so sorry to add moderation to comments, but spammers have found this blog :(

Thursday, October 12, 2006

colors + soul satisfying stuff

it's so great to be able to connect with so many people over fiber. i love the fact that i can obtain fibers from all over the world, and work with them in the comfort of my own home. small thing, perhaps, but i am very grateful!

colors are like food for me. i think of my eyes as eating color i guess :) to be able to speak with color as luscious language...there have been times in my life when just the thought of two colors together sustained me. i'm glad there's more that gives me joy now, but there was that time...

i was looking at typefaces yesterday and was reminded of an older life where i created art based on a designer's or art director's request. and i was speaking to a designer who felt the life being crushed out of him because a client was taking all the fun out of his design for a website. i was just struck with how happy i am to be able to create yarn and hats and whatnots that have only to please me. that they please others is nice too, but just being able to have absolute freedom of expression is one soul satisfying thought.

i hope that everyone gets to experience that about at least one thing in their life, whether it's cooking a meal, creating a garden, or arranging the contents of one's home/room in just the way she wants it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

i am camera

i really love walking around and fondling all the wool and fibers at these places...i wish i had discovered them earlier in my life!

at the maine common ground fair this year, i purchased this great felted yarn from Susanne Grosjean.

isn't it a luscious color and SOOOOOO soft!!! i'm always trying like heck to felt my yarn, because i really love the way it feels. (i know i could probably do it in a washing machine, but i don't have one...) so if you accidently felt your yarn, why don't you let me know~i'd probably like it!

and i'm planning to go to rhinebeck on saturday, the 21st, and i'm playing le beengo rhinebeck. maybe we'll see each other there? (i'll be the one fondling the felted yarn...)

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