Thursday, September 21, 2006

bobbin shots!

reallyreally thin yarn and kind of thick (but not so thick) yarn spinning. each fiber that i spin with talks. (probably does for you. too?) this one, a particularly luscious shade of green~like sage or lichens~said why don't ya try it both ways?

i notice i usually spin in extremes anyway;from something pretty wild, i often go to something very calm. how balanced of me ;) maybe real life will follow suit someday...

Friday, September 08, 2006


wanna see what everybody did for bitchin mittens? lots of nice experiments!

here is a picture of peter wearing my submission (thanx guy, i know you just woke up!)

and a closeup of one. the brown was some great raw silk from habu that falls into a million pieces if you touch it. it is so weirdly wonderful.

off to vermont sheep + wool fest tomorrow am, and i hope to return with pictures. hope you're all enjoying the moment :)

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