Thursday, August 31, 2006


earlier this month, i attended this event on citzen journalism. there, i discovered global voices online, which led me to lots of other interesting sites around the world. since i was a child i thought that if everyone could understand each others' languages, we could have peace. that was really what i cared (and still care!!) about most. so i love what gvo does: they translate bloggers around the world and offer it up in a well organized package. so since they reminded me about blog day, i wanted to make sure you knew about them first.

how challenging to list only 5 blogs today! but here goes...if you get a chance to check them out you will be rewarded :)

a true crochet nut and a wonderful person, gina renay
read about the kurdish in turkey here
read about iranian women's rights at this blog
from my sister spinner in vermont, usa, pippikneesocks
and read a tribute to fela kuti here

if you also like to read about what's happening in countries around the world, you also might like interlocals, which is another translated site.

and, just because i always like to have pix in my posts, here's a yarn dedicated to ornette coleman!


Blogger Deborah said...

wow, ornette and yarn, hmmmm got to try that one out. Sounds good!

10/27/2006 11:38 AM  

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