Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Extend the Summer - Get to Maine + Fiber College!

That's the way it seems to me when I go to the classes and wander the grounds of Fiber College - hanging out at the ocean, spinning outside with others, enjoying a camp style dinner with lots of people who've been busy learning and playing with fibers all day.

I'm teaching "Spinning Silk on Spindles" and another workshop on Nature as Fiber Inspiration - "The Textility of Fiber College". These are both early morning classes - the silk class is on Saturday, 9.11.10 and the nature + fiber class is taught on Sunday, 9.12.10. Plenty of other classes to attend or just go kayaking, walk the grounds, talk to the people offering goodies for sale.

The nature and fiber workshop came about because I wanted to more consciously observe the environment when at Fiber College. Because there is so much to do, it was often a blur when I went home - I found that when I slowed down, took some mental/sensory notes, I had even more to nurture my creativity later in the year.

So treat yourself - if you're anywhere in New England or can get there from where you are, go. You will have a storehouse of knowledge and experience to interest you through the winter!

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