Thursday, January 26, 2006

new world disorder

i've been moving from one town to another. nothing like packing and unpacking fiber to give a person a fresh perspective on color. my fiber storage has not been an orderly affair; packages were brought in and squeezed in where they'd fit. i'd notice things, though, in the disorderliness - how this color would look up against that, how this texture could be interesting with another...and now i have a new disorder.

i have read that the early american settlers had a quota; each family had to spin 30 pounds of thread. according to the book, "magical needlework", the penalties were severe for not producing said thread. so "unmarried relatives" were often brought in to spin. (i wondered to myself if the relatives were male and female...) that's a lot of thread.

so is there a connection between the two above paragraphs? in moving, i haven't been able to spin, and i missed it. i'm back now and on my way to the next 30 pounds of yarn/thread. in new color combinations, no doubt. :)


Blogger Cathy said...

Hey - another crocheter who spins! Yea! Glad to find you!

2/02/2006 10:36 AM  

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